When I ride longer tours, I often use the mobile app of LocaToWeb and display my current position on this page. You can then follow me live here, send me messages and look at my photos right after I took them.

Actual live broadcast event

On May 21, 2022, I start my next bike tour. From Lucerne, I’ll first ride alone over the Gotthard Pass, then I’ll meet a friend in Como. The two of us will continue through Italy to Venice, where we expect to arrive on May 26. After a few days of sightseeing with more friends we will take the train back home on May 29.

While I’m riding you can follow me live online as usual on all my bike travels. Just click on the following icon with the big green pin. Please be patient for a few seconds until the map is loaded and my current position is located:



Past live broadcast events

Here you can find preselected live broadcast events of my past bicycle travels: