Brief Outlook for 2023

This year I’m starting another cycling trip of several months in late summer and fall. It goes again through the USA, this time starting in New York. Then follow the Appalachian Mountains, the Old Route 66, and finally the Pacific Coast to San Francisco. So completely through the American continent. That’s about 7'000 km / 4'350 mi and I’ll take three months for that. Of course I will publish photos and short infos during my trip. If everything works out, there will also be videos. But only after my trip, I don’t want to waste my evenings in front of the notebook at the editing program.

Would you like to accompany me? On a part or maybe even the complete trip? It’s not exactly a leisurely trip to the swimming lake, but of course it will not be a race either! For me it’s about getting to know the country and the people, enjoying nature, gaining experience and having a lot of fun. You don’t have to be an athlete and you don’t have to have any special experience. Just having fun cycling and discovering, that’s important! Did I trigger you? Then get in touch with me.

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It will be a very exciting year!