Hello SRAM

The dice have been thrown. I have made my decision. The parts are ordered. The appointment with the bike mechanic of my confidence is made. After another problem with my rear derailleur and the subsequent decision to replace the rotor rear derailleur is now final that my beloved gravel bike gets an electronic shifting from SRAM.

The conversion will be somewhat larger, since also the chain, the chainring, as well as the brake levers and thus also the brakes must be replaced. However, the effort is not quite as great as with a rear derailleur from Shimano or Campagnolo, because with SRAM at least from the shifters to the rear derailleur no cables must be laid. The shifter uses a radio link. I am curious how it drives with it and how the new shifting proves itself in everyday life and especially on long tours.

If you are interested, here are a few more details: The shifting is an eTap AXS with twelve gears. As a cassette, a GX Eagle with 10 to 52 teeth is used. The bandwidth is with 520% identical to my previous Rotor cassette, but with one gear less and therefore correspondingly larger gear jumps. The new Q-ring chainring is again from Rotor and with 34 teeth identical to the previous. It is again an oval chainring with direct mount, so I can continue to use my existing Rotor cranks with integrated wattmeter on both sides.The chain is also renewed for safety, again it is a SRAM PC X01 Eagle, as before. Since the cables are re-routed, a new handlebar tape also comes on it.

I’m glad that my bike mechanic could organize the parts so quickly and also has an appointment in the not too far future for me: April 5 is when the rebuild will take place! That’s less than three weeks away. It’s a shame that I have to do without great tours for so long, but in the current situation with sometimes absurdly long waiting times for spare parts and/or appointments, I can consider myself very lucky that it’s only three weeks!

So it will take some time until there will be news here in my blog. Hopefully positive ones!