Redesign & Reboot

If you look closely, you may notice some changes on my website. The layout is now more dynamic and adapts better to smartphones and tablets. Besides the language, you can now also choose between a light and a dark appearance. But not only the design has changed, the biggest adjustment took place under the hood:

Instead of Jekyll, I now use Hugo to generate this website from my posts. The configuration is easier and the directory structure is clearer for me. But the main reason is that Jekyll has problems with multilingual websites and for example can’t provide a language dependent RSS or Atom feed. This is much easier and better with Hugo. But I don’t want to bore you with technical details!

Along with the redesign comes a content adjustment: I’m cleaning up! With many of my old posts I was inconsistent and I didn’t really know in which direction I wanted to go with my blog and how to accommodate the content here that I would like to show. The renaming a few weeks ago was the first visible result of a lot of thinking time I’ve had over the past two pandemic years, culminating in the “clean-up”.

The reboot has happened: Look forward to more and more regular posts from me!