Everything comes to an end

In the last two months, I haven’t published any new articles, because I concentrated more on my journey than on writing. This was the right decision for me because writing takes a lot of time and without the pressure to publish new articles, I could enjoy my trip much more.

But now it’s done! Already for one week, it is accomplished! On Friday, October 25, 2019, I arrived at my final destination in San Francisco around noon and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on my bike as a triumph. The following days I mainly used for two things: To relax and to plan my return trip. Both worked quite well. My bike is at a bike shop and will be dismantled for the trip. Then a freight carrier takes care of transport to Switzerland. I am now at the airport in the lounge and wait with food and drink for my flight.

Overnight I fly with Lufthansa in an A380 from San Francisco to Munich and afterward with an A320 further to Zurich. Then I take the train home to Lucerne. The two flights and the train ride will take about 14 hours together. How good that I can rest a little at home because I am not expected in the office until 11/11.

But the journey is not over yet. Only the traveling itself. But I will still have a lot to do. When my bike arrives, I have to put it back together again and then after this long journey intensive maintenance is also necessary and some wearing parts have to be replaced. Of course, I will also complete the travel reports in this blog. Most of the work, however, will require my photos and video recordings. Viewing, sorting, spreading. Finally, as a souvenir, I would like to cut together a movie about my trip. I’ll publish it on YouTube and Vimeo and of course link it here in my blog!

There is still a lot of work waiting for me. But I think I will enjoy it. It’s probably like experiencing my journey a second time.

Now it’s time to come home and take time for my friends. That must not be missing! Soon it starts. I am looking forward to my flight, I like to fly. Business Class. Nice chilling. I treat myself to that as the end of my journey. That’s what I paid for with my Miles-and-More-Miles, otherwise, it would be too expensive for me with Lufthansa…


Written on November 3, 2019