USA 2019 Day 16 from Kokomo to Rochester

For today, compared to the previous days, only a “short hop” is planned. From Kokomo, it will go to Rochester, which is about 78 kilometers. In order not to arrive too early, I do quite slowly in the morning. By the time everything is ready and I’m on my way, ten o’clock is already over.

The day starts today quite different than yesterday. From yesterday I mainly remember the terrible long part on the highway. Today I start on an own trail directly behind the hotel. Again a former railway line, which was converted to a bicycle path and starts right here in Kokomo at the four-lane highway. It is the Industrial Heritage Trail. Kokomo was in former times very strongly industrially coined and the factories and enterprises were connected to the railway network. So it goes from one former company to the next, always with explanatory signs. So I cross all Kokomo.

Near the center of Kokomo from the trail, I see a bakery in a parallel street and since there was no breakfast in the hotel (better none than a bad one), I quickly turned off and armed myself with a chocolate croissant, mini donuts, and orange juice. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any sandwiches, just sweet stuff, but that’s better than nothing and was also a good decision, as I had no other way to go shopping further on.

But it was still too early for a break, so I continued on the trail for a while. At the outskirts of Kokomo, the trail gets a new name: Nickel Plate Trail. Otherwise, nothing changes. Very well prepared, asphalted throughout and lined with trees on both sides. That is good for me today because the wind increases again and is held off the trail quite well.

For my break, a shady bench directly at the trail came like called. After I ate the chocolate croissant and drank half of the orange juice, I had to flee, because then the mosquitoes noticed me. I was lucky and probably escaped without a new bite. A few kilometers further on there was another bank, this time consciously in the sun. There should be fewer mosquitoes, so my theory. Then I took the mini-donuts and the rest of the orange juice. Meanwhile, it was already midday. I didn’t need a separate lunch anymore, so I just kept going.

Now and then I made a short stop to take a picture or to chat something more or less useful into my GoPro. Or also to have a drink. The new bottle is great, even hours later the water is still cold. After 35 kilometers on the Nickel Plate Trail, it ends at the outskirts of Peru. Yes, the city is called that! It is not in the Andes but Indiana. I have to cross the city on roads, but that was both easy and pleasant because it was a good five kilometers over rarely used roads through residential areas.

On the other side of Peru, the Nickel Plate Trail continues. Just as it stopped, asphalted in first-class condition, with restored former railway bridges and surrounded by trees. So I don’t notice that it’s now almost 30°C. The shadow on the trail is very pleasant and it rolls very well. The only thing that is annoying is the length. Apart from the curves, you can often see for miles and then you have the feeling of treading on the spot and not getting ahead. But that’s moaning at a high level. Compared to yesterday, the route today is fantastic!

The trail ends at the outskirts of Rochester and I have to ride another two kilometers through the city to my hotel. They were no problem. Today I was so early in the hotel that I had to wait for another half-hour because my room was not ready yet. I just sat outside and enjoyed the day. Of the 77.7 kilometers I drove today, there were about 70 kilometers on the trail. A great way on which it was very good and above all safe to drive. I like such routes. For tomorrow I’ll mainly be on the road, I already know that today. Hopefully quiet roads and no highways.

Now I will go for a delicious meal. Therefore I chose Taco Bell. Healthier than McDonald’s and it’s right across the street. A few days ago I was already in a Taco Bell for lunch and I liked it quite well. So why wander into the distance? Let’s go!

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3:43 77.7 km 21.0 km/h 670 m 710 m


Written on August 29, 2019