USA 2019 Day 15 from Indianapolis to Kokomo

After yesterday’s rest day I took it slow today. On the program is a stage from Indianapolis to Kokomo of 100 km length, which is also very flat. Shortly after half-past nine, I set off. Shortly after the Airbnb, I went on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, which is nothing else than a well-developed bicycle path along the streets connecting the sights of the city. A great idea for visitors. I follow it from the south through downtown and then north out of the city, where it changes into the Monon Trail. The Monon Trail is a former railway line that was excellently prepared as a bicycle path.

After about an hour, in which I managed only 15 kilometers (there are also countless traffic lights and crossroads in the city), I discovered a bicycle shop directly at the trail. There I stopped and asked for an aluminum drinking bottle. Unfortunately, they had only the plastic scrap. But they showed me an outdoor shop, only 300 meters down the road. There I quickly found what I was looking for! Unfortunately as an outdoor drinking bottle and not as bicycle drinking bottle, i.e. no “drinking nipple” but with a screw cap. But it fits perfectly into my holder and is also insulated. But the main thing is that I don’t get the plasticizer from the plastic into the water, that can’t happen with aluminum. A successful stop!

Another hour later, about 30 kilometers later, Indianapolis passes over to the suburb of Carmel. There I had to leave the trail because I want to follow the official cycle route 35. I hope that it will give me good roads. What I saw of Carmel looked beautiful. Great residential areas and lots of water in the form of small lakes. You can live here! Since it’s almost lunchtime, I take advantage of the hour to be in a city and keep my eyes open to see if I can find something nice to eat.

First I passed a steak restaurant. White tablecloths, wine glasses, etc. In the evening I liked it, but not with sweaty bicycle clothes. A bit further, a pizza hat. I think for a moment but would rather like something lighter. The Americans always make everything so greasy with extra cheese. That would be too heavy in my stomach, I still have a few hours drive ahead of me. Then I found a small café near the end of Carmel. That looked quite nice and I could sit outside. There I ordered a turkey sandwich with a root beer. The sandwich was, typically American, huge and far too much for a meal. But at least it was very tasty. After the half, I was full and had the other half wrapped up. I’m going to have them tonight. Two meals with drink and tip for $15, great!

Since I left the trail through all of Carmel I can ride on a combined walking and cycling track. After Carmel, I, unfortunately, continued on the road. I had to drive 36 kilometers on the main road, without a cycle path. With a side strip, but this was just as wide as my handlebar and there was a strong and gusty side wind. The traffic was hell. Here I would not send anyone along, much too dangerous! But for Indiana, this is the official bike route 35!

22 kilometers before my destination I could finally leave the hell-highway and then I reached Kokomo on small roads with little traffic between fields and through small villages. Only the last 500 meters I had to drive on a four-lane highway again because my motel is located there. But that was no problem, it had a very wide side strip here and the few meters are quickly covered. Then I was already in my Motel 6, could move into my room, get some soft drinks for $1 per can out of the vending machine and then I had a delicious dinner with the second half of my lunch sandwich.

The day itself was very nice, except for the long-distance on the highway and the strong side wind. I could take it slowly and the weather was very nice. Today I was on the road all day with special bicycle sandals, so my square flaps can get some sun. With exactly 100 kilometers the tour had a nice length. I am very satisfied with today.

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4:56 100 km 20.3 km/h 350 m 330 m


Written on August 28, 2019