USA 2019 Day 14 — Rest Day in Indianapolis

Today I slept for a very long time. When I woke up, I turned around again. Today is a rest day. I take that literally in the morning. It also feels as if my body needs it. I can understand that I have expected a lot from him in the past two weeks. And this is only the beginning!

When I finally get up, I first take care of the detailed planning of the following stages up to Chicago. I check my route again and make small adjustments. Then I load the data onto my Garmin navigation device so that I can start without an Internet connection. As a backup, I still use the offline capability of the Komoot app on my iPhone. So everything is done as for planning and I start to leave the house.

Outside it is roaring hot again. First I go for a walk in the neighborhood and see if I can find a restaurant. It is already early afternoon and I had neither breakfast nor lunch. I find something, but it doesn’t look very inviting. In the distance, I can see the skyscrapers of the center. I decide to walk there. After all, I have time.

On the way, I pass some electric scooters every few meters. From different companies. So they also flooded Indianapolis. I get weak and look at my mobile phone on the Internet, what I must do, to drive with it into the center. There I also find the prices. But the prices discourage me, I honestly think it’s too expensive. So keep walking. For the Americans, it doesn’t seem to be too expensive. I think to myself, who is afraid of running, pays also more for driving.

The direction is easy to determine, I don’t need a city map. As long as the skyscrapers are directly in front of me, I am on the right track. I can’t say exactly how long it took me. But it wasn’t that long. Then I am already in the center and look around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. That marks the center of the center.

My hunger didn’t go away by itself, so I mainly look for restaurants. When I pass Buca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant, I get an appetite for Spaghetti Bolognese. In the notice board, there is something about the specialty of the house, spaghetti with meatballs. Mondays for half. Unfortunately, today is Tuesday. But I’m hungry, so I go in. The shop is bigger inside than it looks from the outside. I am assigned a seat and I sink so deeply into the extremely soft seat cushion of the bench that I have to be careful not to bump my chin against the tabletop.

When my spaghetti comes with meatballs, my eyes almost fall out: The portion is so big, you can feed a whole travel group! It has only one meatball with it. But it’s huge, at least half a pound. And tons of spaghetti. The spaghetti, the sauce, and the meatballs don’t knock my taste off the stool, they are rather average. With a real Italian, I would have expected a little more flair. But it was okay. After just half the portion I have to pass, I am full to the brim.

Then I walk around the houses and go shopping in a CVS. Water for tomorrow’s stage and a lot of Cliff Bars, which will last a few weeks and are my preferred kind of “power food” when I need energy quickly on the way. For my dinner I also shop. That consists only of drinks. The Meatball lasts at least until tomorrow, if not longer.

In Google Maps I can find a bike shop nearby. I would like to take the opportunity of a big city with several bike shops to replenish my stock of seat cream before I run out of it and have no shop nearby. Bicycle shops, especially good ones, are rare here and as a touring cyclist, you have to use every opportunity. At Bike Indianapolis I quickly find what I’m looking for. Small or big tube? What a question!

Then I get involved in an experiment. But I don’t want to run back to my Airbnb anymore. So I use Uber for the first time in my life. I already had an account, but now the app wants to have more information for verification when I use it for the first time. I have to photograph an identity card to confirm my identity. I have here only my driving license with me, my passport is in the luggage in the Airbnb. But it works, only one or two minutes later I can book my first trip.

Everything works great and I’m back in my Airbnb pretty fast. I put my water in the fridge for tomorrow and then retire to recover my tired bones. I’ve had enough for today, after all, it’s still a rest day.


Written on August 27, 2019