USA 2019 Day 11 from Columbus to Xenia

Before I leave Columbus for Xenia today, I have planned a visit to a bicycle shop. Since it doesn’t open until 10 o’clock, I leave the motel relaxed and at just before ten. It will be a very sunny day and with more than 100 km I have planned a lot. Especially when I consider that I have no idea how long the repair of my freewheel will take. Or if it can be done today at all. But I think positively and under loud crackling and creaking, I reach after only 10 minutes the bicycle shop. Now it gets serious. Can they help me?

At first, I was a little irritated, because at the entrance there was a sign that the shop was going to be closed. But I was lucky, it was one of the last days it was open. It’s a BikeSource store. They have two shops in Columbus and put them together. The shop itself looked very empty, like looted, but in the service, I was helped immediately. After a short test drive to hear the noise, the mechanic removed the freewheel.

The function was impaired. Although only a little over a year old, the lubricant had solidified. Probably due to the high load (so far over 12’000 km mileage) and the big temperature differences, because I drive in the icy cold as well as desert heat. Since he could not find any mechanical damages, he cleaned it very thoroughly, re-lubricated it and installed it again. After that, all noises and the beating of the chain were gone! It was a relief to me that I didn’t have to buy a new freewheel body. It might even have had to be ordered first because that’s something not everyone has in stock. After an air pressure check, I was very happy to continue my journey and start the day!

Out of the city, it was like a dream, like it was yesterday. A few minutes after leaving the bike shop I was back on the separate trail along the Olentangy River. On this trail, I drove to downtown Columbus without noticing that I was downtown. There I continued on the Scioto Trail along the Scioto River. When I just spoke my morning speech into my GoPro, a Park Ranger on a bicycle greets me. When I saw him again shortly afterward, he apologized for talking to me in my recording. I thought it was cool.

The ranger continued to follow the Scioto Trail north, I changed to the Camp Chase Trail southwest, which leads here directly along the railway line. Already I was out of Columbus again. Into the city, through the city, out of the city only on bike trails. What a dream! And, as I could see, gladly and well used. By Americans on bicycles, jogging and even on foot. It can go on like this! And it does. For quite a while. At a crossing road, the name of the trail changes, from here on it is called Roberts Pass Trail. It goes already the last 25 km easily uphill. So easy that I don’t notice it. About 150 meters of altitude difference spread over 55 kilometers. Awesome!

The temperatures scratch the 30 degrees mark and driving becomes exhausting, as the trail leads through a swamp area shortly before London and the humidity here is immensely high. But it is beautiful to look at, nature is breathtaking. The Roberts Pass Trail ends at the edge of London. The small town is passed quickly and without any problems, then I continue on another trail, the Prairie Grass Trail. Today is trail day!

I pass the next village, South Charleston. Then I continue on the Prairie Grass Trail. It was exactly 75 kilometers when I passed a plot of land full of old tractors that were lined up along the side of the road. I stop only very briefly for a quick photo. After a few seconds, the sweat shoots out of all my pores and I panic about falling into dust. So I let further considerations be and drive quickly on the great Trail further, to be able to feel again the slightly cooling airstream. It’s only 30 °C, but with incredibly high humidity.

The trail leads past Cedarville and into the center of Xenia. From the center, I follow the Creekside Trail for a few minutes and then I just have to cross the road to my motel. That wasn’t easy to find this time. At the location, there are a few motels and it is not only somewhat hidden, but the sign is also hardly recognizable. I had to use the internet to help and after ten minutes back and forth I finally found my motel for this night.

It was the Xenia Country Inn. My tip: Avoid! Pretty down come, everything ancient, the inventory dirty. I put my sleeping bag, which I had with me for emergencies, on the bed and slept in it. I didn’t want to change the motel any more because first of all, I was glad to have arrived and didn’t want to go on and secondly it was only for sleeping for one night anyway. After all, I could observe from my window very closely, how from other motel rooms out openly was dealt. I had not seen that yet. I file it in the category “have seen but don’t have to see again”.

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4:46 104 km 21.9 km/h 620 m 570 m


Written on August 24, 2019