USA 2019 Day 10 from Zanesville to Columbus

I slept like a stone. No wonder, after yesterday. Nevertheless, I manage to get out of bed early and after a rudimentary breakfast, I’m on my way today at half-past nine. I have to because today will certainly not be as long as yesterday, but with about 120 kilometers it will be anything but short.

I already make the first stop about two minutes on the way. A gas station directly at the route. I have to take advantage of that and increase my water supply. A Mountain Dew in the flavor “Voltage” also finds its way into my pocket. As a short-term energy supplier and for mental support.

From Zanesville, I drive along the main road. It is not very busy and behind the city, it has a wide side strip on which it is easy to drive. So I make very good progress despite my still tired legs. A little further on, I’ve been on the road for about an hour, I have to smile. An American Stone Henge. This is the name of a residential area northwest of Zanesville. When you’re traveling as slowly as I am, you don’t just see a lot but also think about it a lot. If I had even seen the nicely made reference to Stone Henge in a car, I would probably have forgotten it again after a second or two. On the bike, you have to pass your time. Meanwhile, my head does that all by itself…

At the beginning the main road is called Underwood Street, then it becomes Adair Avenue, Newark Road and finally Nashport Road, where it ends after about 30 km. At the roadside, I discover more or less complete old drilling rigs and oil production plants. They are no longer in operation. Most of them are dilapidated. I am thinking about whether the deposits here are exhausted or whether it is simply no longer worth it and the import is much cheaper. I am aware that I cannot answer this question myself. But what was it like to think about it?

Yesterday I had already noticed some cracking and creaking at the rear wheel. Now the noise intensifies and occurs more often. Sometimes I feel a jerking on the pedals coming from the chain. When I stop pedaling, the chain seems to want to keep turning. There is only one conclusion: There is something wrong with the freewheel! Short research in the large network of knowledge brought quite the disillusionment that the next bicycle shop is in Columbus. Not too bad, I can still ride and Columbus is my destination today anyway. I just won’t make it in time for the opening hours, but tomorrow is Saturday and the shops are open. Then I have to have it checked in the morning. I don’t worry much, the freewheel still works. It has quirks now, but it works.

After the main road ends, I end up on the Panhandle Trail again. Unfortunately, I would not have been able to avoid yesterday’s gate tour on this one, as the trail is not continuous. But I’m happy to be back on the Panhandle Trail now because that means only a very slight gradient and I can drive separately from cars and trucks. As usual, the trail mostly goes very straight. But after 13 km, near the center of Newark, it’s already over. Through the center it is quite easy to drive, there is very little traffic. After the center, I continue on a nameless trail along the Raccoon Creek, hidden behind a parking lot. After a few kilometers, I notice that it is a connecting trail, as it leads to the Thomas J. Evans Trail.

The Thomas J. Evans Trail is again an old railway line with the well-known advantages and disadvantages. After yesterday the advantage of the only very easy gradients wins for me against the disadvantages. Both trails combined come to about 30 km, then I have to take the road because the Thomas J. Evans Trail turns northwest to Johnstown, but I have to go further west. First on a two-lane highway with side stripes, that went quite well, then on small suburban roads, that went even better.

Before I knew it, I landed in a beautiful park with a reservoir and a dam with a great view. This is the Hoover Dam in Hoover Dam Park. Not to be confused with the Hoover Dam in the Colorado River. This one just dams up Big Walnut Creek. I continue sometimes on smaller, sometimes on bigger roads up to the Olentangy River. It flows through Columbus from north to south until it merges into the Scioto River next to the center. But today I don’t have to go that far.

Nevertheless, I now have to drive a good seven kilometers further towards the center of Columbus. Against my expectations, this is very easy and beautiful on the Olentangy Trail along the Olentangy River through a great park landscape. Cars and the typical big-city noise are far away. Shortly before my motel, I have to leave the trail and drive about two kilometers on the road. Fortunately with little traffic. Then I have finally made it again. Much easier and faster than I had imagined. All in all a great day, if the creaking of my freewheel would not be. But I’ll take care of that tomorrow!

After the shower, I order again something with Uber Eats, because near the hotel there is nothing that attracts me. I ordered an Indian curry. And a Lassi. That arrives, with the delivery everything works great. But it has no cutlery. How can I eat curry without a spoon? The rice comes in a box full to the top and the curry in a box full to the top. There’s no chance of bringing curry and rice together. It’s like this was the restaurant’s first delivery out of the house! The hotel can’t serve me either, because the “breakfast” consists only of coffee and tea. The receptionist at least had a paper plate for me from the staff from the break room. Better than nothing.

I do it like a McGyver and with my Swiss knife, I make a spoon out of a cup using the rounding. Now I can marry my curry on the plate with the rice and the spoon works also very acceptable. The taste was great and I also liked the Lassi very much. Before I go to bed, I research a bicycle shop for tomorrow and adjust my route planning accordingly. Then I am ready for the land of dreams.

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5:45 121 km 21.0 km/h 990 m 1’000 m


Written on August 23, 2019