USA 2019 Day 7 — Rest Day in Pittsburgh

A week ago I arrived by ship in Philadelphia and today I am already sitting in Pittsburgh. In the last six days, I have done 676 km and I am very satisfied with my performance so far. No aches and pains, no wince, everything is fine and everything is working flawlessly. But it was time for me to have a rest day. The last two stages over the Great Allegheny Passage were very demanding and so I won’t even touch my bike today. That also deserves a rest day.

I don’t sleep too long, my body has got used to getting up early for me and wakes up quite early even without an alarm clock. But I turn around a few more times before I get up. After the obligatory freshening up and the preparation of tomorrow’s tour (check course on Komoot and then copy to Garmin) I inform myself about the public transport. Only a hundred meters from the Airbnb there is a bus stop that takes me directly to downtown.

As usual, you have to have your fare ready in the USA, in 1 dollar bills and quarter-dollar coins. A one-way trip costs $2.75, which I still have to go with. For the return trip, I’ll get it right, because I’ll surely spend money in the city.

In the center, it was quite hot. It was already a hot day anyway and all the concrete and asphalt didn’t make it any more pleasant. The wind was not perceptible. Then I decided not to really do sightseeing and just walked around downtown and looked at all the skyscrapers. I was also on my way by the river and as my hunger grew I chose a café right next to Theater Square in the Cultural District because there was some shade on the square, you could sit outside and some musicians were preparing a live performance.

The music was okay, the café wasn’t. It has very good ratings on Google, but the snacks were extremely expensive. Very extreme. From the price, I expected the main course but got only a small bite. At first, I thought it was the “greeting from the kitchen”. But that was my food. I would say that was about five times too expensive. After this “Appetizer” I was still hungry and then I made my way back to the Airbnb.

In the evening I tried Uber Eats for the first time in my life. I chose a Thai and ordered spring rolls with chicken and fried rice with beef. That worked out very well and I found it interesting to watch my food being picked up and delivered via the live tracking. It was brought to me by Linda and I opened the front door the second she drove around the corner. The food was plentiful and also very tasty, drinks I had brought from the city. In addition, there was then still another film of the Notebook and already the day was over. I didn’t do much and today and I took it easy, that’s how to do it on a rest day. So that the body also has the opportunity and time to regenerate. Because there will certainly be some very difficult stages to come to me…


Written on August 20, 2019