USA 2019 Day 2 from New Holland to Gettysburg

The night at the Country Squire Motor Inn was quite good, but they refer to a café next door for breakfast. Of course, this costs extra. But it’s on the same property. But it has a great selection there. I have pancakes and orange juice.

At half-past nine I set off fresh and fortified. Today is supposed to be more beautiful and hotter than yesterday, the gentleman at the reception brought me along. It is still cloudy but with 24 °C pleasantly warm and ideal for a bicycle tour with short clothes.

From New Holland, I cycle about two kilometers along the main road. Then I can leave it and drive almost 20 km on small roads between fields. In this area, many farms are run by Amish. Accordingly, there are many carriages on the roads. This is an unusual picture for me and I will get used to it with time.

It is really fun to drive here. There is hardly any traffic on these small roads and I can slowly get used to driving in the USA and to all the signs. They have more signs here than in Germany. So to speak a sign forest high two. The next bigger place is Lancaster, which I have to drive through on the main road. Also from the city, I have to follow the main road over the country, first to Columbia. There I cross a rather long bridge over the Susquehanna River, which forms Clarke Lake below the city.

At the bridge, there is a small monument with a cannon, which indicates that the main road here is the Lincoln Highway. It was opened in 1913 and was the first highway from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, from New York to San Francisco.

A little above the river is the city of Harrisburg, which became famous worldwide after an accident at the nuclear power plant in 1979. Fun (?) fact: Right next to Harrisburg International Airport there is still a nuclear power plant. But if you can only take a maximum of 5 x 100 ml on the plane, nothing happens.

On the other side of the bridge, in Wrightsville, there is a bicycle shop directly on the route. I buy a new water bottle. My old one doesn’t look so good anymore. So the water bottle. Then I make myself again on the way to the west, my main direction for the next three months. Then I come to a pretty little village, unfortunately with so much traffic on the main road that I don’t want to take pictures. It was East Berlin. The city was founded in 1764 as “Berlin” (the hometown of the founder) but renamed East Berlin in 1827 because there was already another city of the same name not far away. This was the way to avoid postal problems.

After a good 100 km drive to the west, of which about 80 km are on main roads, I am allowed to turn to the south and to cover the last 20 km to Gettysburg on a road that is not so busy anymore. Then I have to cross the city, which turns out to be quite easy, and then I come to the tourist mile with dozens of souvenir shops and museums. There is also the Colton Motel, where I spend the following night. The guy at the reception is quite special but very nice. There I stock up with cold drinks and then I go to the room and showers.

The motel is very well situated, directly opposite my room the famous battlefield of Gettysburg from the American Civil War begins. The Battle of Gettysburg took place from July 1st to July 3rd, 1863 and is with more than 43’000 victims the bloodiest battle on the American continent.

I am very satisfied with today, even though there was a lot of main roads. I am, so to speak, on my way to special bicycle routes, which I will soon reach. Then the proportion of main roads will decrease significantly.

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5:35 119 km 21.3 km/h 890 m 880 m


Written on August 15, 2019