USA 2019 Day 1 from Philadelphia to New Holland

The weather forecast for today is relatively modest. Rain and high temperatures are announced. I’m looking forward to it because yesterday on my arrival I already had to suffer from the high humidity.

I spent my first night at Best Western Philadelphia Airport South in the port city of Chester near Philadelphia and even slept quite well. At 06:30 am my alarm clock rang, then I had breakfast and packed everything. This usually takes longer at the beginning, because there is still routine to creep in. After the checkout I sat on my bike at 08:40 am and it finally started!

I booked a motel in New Holland near Lancaster as my destination for the day. First, it will go quite exactly to the north and then I will turn in a big curve to the west.

I follow the main road out of town. A city border is not to be recognized, over time it becomes slowly a little more rural. After only 20 minutes of driving a light rain begins to set in. Only a few minutes later, not even half an hour on the way, it suddenly begins to pour out like buckets. I’m lucky because I’m standing at a crossroads with a covered waiting station for the local train, where I’m looking for shelter and want to wait for the worst.

When I got the impression that most of it were over, I put on my rain gear and drove on. It was still raining constantly, sometimes more, sometimes less intense. In between, I left the main road and was able to ride a short distance on a sandy trail. In the rain, you had to watch out a bit, but it was much more pleasant than on the busy main road. But after only two kilometers the fun was already over and I continued on the side strip of the main road.

After about 30 km the weather had improved so much that I could take off my rain clothes or better said even had to because when the rain stopped the sun came out immediately and the temperature rose rapidly. Within a few minutes from 20 to 26 °C and then a short time later even to 31 °C! Needless to say that the wetness caused by the hours of rain and the sudden high temperature led to enormous humidity.

Very impressive and after some hours but also very disturbing I felt the volume of millions of cicadas in all trees, from where the males after 17 years of development in the earth with their over 100-decibel chirping attract the females to mate and then die after a few weeks. Impressive but extremely loud and there is no escape.

Most drivers are very considerate and prefer to stay a long distance behind me to have more space to overtake. Even if I drive on the wide side strip and the road next to me would even be free. Nevertheless, I was happy to leave the main road after about 80 km and to drive the last 15 km on a small side road. I was able to enjoy that much more. Especially because of the wonderful weather with 31 °C and pure sunshine.

Arrived in New Holland I booked a room in the Country Squire Motor Inn. I wanted to go for dinner in the evening, but the heat and humidity made me stay in the air-conditioned room, where I fed on my supplies and could use the time to prepare for the next day. Unfortunately, the internet was horror and hardly usable, so I gave up doing more than securing my GPX track at Komoot. That took too long and I didn’t want to waste my time on the internet. So today’s report will be published a bit later…

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4:18 93.2 km 21.6 km/h 900 m 770 m


Written on August 14, 2019