Start of my Atlantic Crossing

The day before yesterday, August 2nd, I boarded the Independent Horizon in the afternoon. There it was still in the dry dock because the propulsion got a new propeller. The next morning the dock was flooded and around noon we drove to the quay for loading. At first, fuel was stored, which took quite a long time, about six to seven hours. Then the container gantry cranes started loading, all night long. It was hard to hear in my cabin, I could sleep pretty well. Now it is the 4th of August and it is just 1 pm through. Earlier at noon, the captain mentioned that now the whole crew is still checking the load securing and we are ready to leave at about 2 pm.

Then it starts, the Atlantic Crossing! In Philadelphia, we will probably arrive on August 13th at 6 am. I will try to record the whole trip with the GPS signal and maybe I can do a live tracking. Just check the Live-Tracking page and keep your fingers crossed.


Written on August 4, 2019