Barcelona Day 9 from Girona to Barcelona

It’s pouring out of buckets! But I don’t care, today is the last day of my journey to Barcelona and I only have about 100 km (62 mi) to drive. Under the canopy of the hotel, I pack myself well, from head to toe in rain gear and then it starts. Last stage! The first 25 km (16 mi) exclusively along the busy national road, at least again on a wide side strip. Then it goes on a cycle path off the road. Unfortunately not asphalted but sand, or now in cooperation with the rain mud. I dig my way through. On my last stage, I don’t just let myself be stopped! Also not from a ford through a small river. Fortunately, this river is very flat, so that I can even pass this ford while driving. After all, the way gets better afterward. The weather is modest, but the area is beautiful. It goes slightly up and down through gentle hilly landscapes. But the picture changes suddenly. Nature is still very beautiful, but people have thrown their legacies between the trees everywhere. Commercial waste as well as private waste. This is not a landfill, only a lonely and very beautiful area, but with all the rubbish it looks really bad. Tons of insulation material, building rubble, and mattresses, thousands of rubbish bags, simply thrown out of the car all along the way. Kilometer after kilometer. Very bad!

A few kilometers further on the rubbish stops and shortly after I reach the Mediterranean again after about 50 km (31 mi) of the day. Here everything is clean and here even a fantastic two-lane cycle path starts directly at the beach: On the left side the Mediterranean Sea and the beach, on the right side palm trees. The sky is still cloudy but it stopped raining. This is how it can be driven, once again dreamlike beautiful!

After approximately 65 km (40 mi) I have a long lunch break again in the small coastal village Canet de Mar. Thereby I get rid of my rain clothes and freshly strengthened I start the last kilometers. At el Masnou, approx. 10 km (6 mi) before Barcelona, the cycle path leads again directly along the sea and at the horizon, I recognize the first buildings of Barcelona. Now even the sun comes out and I enjoy the sunshine directly at the sea to have one last little break and have a small, sweet snack. With me, an “I made it” feeling makes itself broad. Now I only have to drive into the city and to my hotel. I reach that only a little later after a total of 1’192.8 km (741.2 mi) and 52:26:38 h pure driving time, that corresponds to an average speed of 22.7 km/h (14 mph).

I am overjoyed!

Today it was 106 km (66 mi), for which I needed 5h 31m. I climbed 610 m (2’001 ft) of altitude.


Written on May 25, 2019