Barcelona Day 4 from Grenoble to Montélimar

The last three days were quite exhausting, many meters of altitude right at the beginning of my trip and yesterday rain, rain, rain. And so it goes on today: rain. But there are some meters of altitude missing, now the flatter sections of the tour are coming. After a light breakfast, I can’t eat so much in the morning, I start the fourth day. Out of the city, I follow the river Isère, which later flows into the Rhône. The bicycle path along the river is a dream: wide, paved, flat

Then it happens: It stops raining! Time to oil the chain again, the rain has washed away all the lubricant. Of course, it starts raining again after oiling. Okay, no matter, I’m still wearing my rainwear. So I ignore the rain and drive on in a good mood. No longer on the great bike path, but on the road, however with relatively little traffic. After a good 40 km in Beaulieu, I suddenly find a place to take a break. Protected from rain and with drinking water wells I prepared a delicious goulash with pasta with my gas burner. As soon as it was finished, the rain had stopped. That was great because from there on I had to drive along the main road for quite a while and that would not have been nice with rain if one gets the spray in the face from each passing vehicle.

It went pretty well. Partly damp and slippery road but no more rain. After almost 100 km I arrived in Valence and met the Rhône. Valence is a very beautiful, small town with an old town worth seeing. But I didn’t stay long here, I still have a few kilometers to go. Until today’s destination, Montelimar, I will continue to follow the Rhône. Mostly on a cycle path directly at the river, but also with some distance in between. So very varied. The weather holds and I pedal in a good mood.

In the early evening, I reach Montelimar. My hotel today is located on the other side of the city. What is exhausting and a little annoying for tonight after the long stage – cycling through the whole city on a packed bicycle with a trailer in the evening traffic – will hopefully pay off tomorrow, when I can set course for Barcelona again directly from the hotel.

The hotel tonight, an IBIS budget, unfortunately, has no restaurant, but an order machine for a pizzeria in the lobby. I had never seen anything like this before. Since I didn’t feel like looking for an open restaurant somewhere else, I tried the vending machine right away. Including payment by credit card. The offer was small, but it worked well. And what was then delivered was even delicious! A long day, many kilometers and a full stomach at the end. I will certainly be able to sleep very well!

Today it was 153 km (95 mi), for which I needed 6h 49m. I climbed 610 m (2’001 ft) of altitude.


Written on May 20, 2019