Mittelland Route Day 4 from Estavayer-le-Lac to Lausanne

Easter Monday. Fourth and last day of my Easter journey. The breakfast in my hotel was rather sparse. In hotels, I love these little sausages and scrambled eggs. Unfortunately both not there and not my multivitamin juice from which I always drink in the morning. Too bad, otherwise I actually liked it here. Today we only have about 75 km (47 mi) on the program, compared to the last days the shortest stage. Correspondingly relaxed I approach it. Since I was in bed relatively early yesterday, I had a good and early start today. Shortly before eight o’clock, I’m already sitting on my bike and on my way.

Now I have to bypass the rest of Lake Neuchâtel, the lake itself always within sight. Except for a short section of about 6 km (4 mi) along a busy road (on my own cycle path) mostly on small paths through nature. Unfortunately, the water in April is still too cold for bathing. At the end of the lake is Yverdon-les-Bains. There I take some pictures at the lake and without the meanwhile known noise of the water over the land I head quite directly south towards the destination Lausanne. There will be water to see again, and that not too barely – Lausanne is on Lake Geneva.

Between meadows and fields, you pass through an agricultural landscape. In the north, the Jura arc is still present, while in the south, the clearly visible Alps with their snow-capped peaks grow with every turn of the wheel. Sometimes I find myself surrounded by hills and expect a climb, but then the cycle route leads through or around the hills. So I make the first 40 km (25 mi) without any significant ascent and in Sarraz I make the first longer break. Unplanned, I just passed the station there and the food machine caught my eye. A chocolate bar and a cool juice found their way into my throat. I take my time because I have more than enough of that today.

The refreshment is good for me because the next section is much hillier, I could already see that on the map. But I am very well in time and do not stress. Through lush green meadows and flowering, fragrant rapeseed it goes on and on towards Lausanne. On the slopes, there are more and more vines to be found. The climate around Lake Geneva is ideal for this. Through many small picturesque villages, I approach my destination. The lake comes into sight, from a hill almost 20 km (12 mi) away I see it for the first time. I fly now because it is now noticeably flatter again and to my motivation, the destination before my eyes, a strong tailwind joins in.

In the suburbs of Lausanne traffic is increasing significantly. Very significantly. Towards Lausanne, I drive along the main road. Mad traffic. Fortunately, there is a cycle path here. Despite here in Lausanne for the first time bad signage of the cycle route I find my way to the center of the lake, where the Mittelland route ends at the Cap de Vaudaire. I made it! Despite the initial problems! Simply awesome!

Today it was 75 km (47 mi), which I covered (without breaks and stops) in about 4½ hours. With all the bypasses I have come in these four days a total of 408.8 km (254 mi) for which I have sat 19½ hours on my bicycle. This corresponds to an average speed of 21 km/h (13 mph) and I burned about 12’000 calories (activity calories without basal metabolic rate).

I only stay here for a very short time, because it is extremely full and loud. Then I set off for the train station, where 10 minutes later a train with bicycle compartment leaves for Lucerne without changing trains. Ideal! I take that. Of course the bike compartment gets very full again, but I can get a place for my bike as well as a seat for myself. The ride takes a little more than two hours and due to some disturbances, there was an additional 20 minutes delay. But I don’t care, I don’t have to change trains and I’m still home early.

Arrived in Lucerne, I fetch something to take with me from the Asians in the train station, so that I can enjoy more than satisfied at home after a shower on the sofa. It was not only a great day but also a great little trip on a very recommendable, much too unknown cycle route.


Written on April 22, 2019